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Adult Discipleship

Serve on the Adult Discipleship Team

This is the team of people who help plan and carry out classes, small groups and other events that help members grow as disciples of Jesus.  Contact  Pat Ludeke 402-206-3303.

Lead a Bible Study/Small Group

The Adult Discipleship Team is always looking for people willing to lead or co-lead a class or small group.  These groups meet at various days and times. Contact  Pat Ludeke 402-206-3303.

Participate in a Bible Study /Small Group

Currently, we have a Monday night ladies' class, a Friday morning men’s class at the Common Grounds/Annex and a Saturday morning ladies’ class. If you are interested in joining a group or starting one up on a particular day or night please contact Dennis Remington 402-727-4023.

Book Club

Is for all those men and women who love to read.  The Book Club reads a different book every month or so, some of which are obtained through Augsburg or other Christian publishers.  If you are interested in joining or leading this ministry, please sign up or contact Dennis Remington 402-727-4023.

Library Team

The Library Team oversees all aspects of the church library, including the ordering and cataloging of the books, tapes and/or DVDs that are purchased or donated to the library.  Could this be you?  Contact the office at 402-721-6158.

Men’s Bible Study

We meet Thursdays at 7:00 am in the Common Grounds/Annex for fellowship and to study the Bible.  Please stop by, or call the office 402-721-6158.

Muffins and Messages

A women’s Bible study group that meets on Saturday mornings in the Multipurpose Room at 8:00 am.  The topics vary so please join us. Contact the office 402-721-6158.