Red Sea Snack - Wall of Water

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©2013, Sharon Kay Chatwell
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Exodus (Moses – Promised Land)
Sunday School Center

Pane of Glass Jell-O (with optional fish!)

  •  Use Very Berry Jell-O (or some other variety of gelatin) to make regular Jell-O
  • according to directions on the box.
  •  Place mixture a long thin pan – like a baking sheet. (So that it is not very deep.)
  •  Put in Fruit Snacks shaped like fish
  •  Allow to cool according to package directions
  •  Cut into rectangular shapes and serve on white paper plates to the children
  •  Looks like the “pane of glass” of an aquarium

Jell-O Jigglers “Walls of Water” (...with optional fish!)

  •  Using Very Berry Jell-O (or some other variety of blue gelatin) make “Jigglers”
  • according to the directions on the box.
  • Four 3 ounce boxes dissolved in 2 1⁄2 cups of boiling water
  • Do NOT add the cold water (as with regular Jell-O.)
  • Place the mixture in a shallow pan, so that the liquid is at least 1⁄2 to 1 inch deep. (Use an 8x8 baking dish to make the Jigglers thicker.)
  • OPTIONAL: Add Fruit Snack shaped like fish, after it cools a few minutes.
  • Allow Jigglers to cool in the refrigerator.
  • Cut Jigglers into small squares. (Try to get some of the fish in the squares.)
  • At Snack Time - Serve Jigglers on a white paper plate to the children. Allow them to stack up the Jigglers to make “walls” of water on their plates.
  • NOTE: Graham cracker crumbs make great “sand”


Jell-O Jigglers to represent the “Walls
of Water” during the parting of the
Red Sea. When this idea came to me,
I was driving . I started laughing so
hard that I almost had a wreck! I’m
still laughing! Note the graham
cracker crumbs for the dry sand.
Thanks to Lauren, my beautiful
daughter-in-law, for that fun addition!
#1) Taking Jigglers out of the pan.
#2) A serving of Walls of Water.
#3) One idea for the Serving Platter.
Blue Jell-O and Goldfish
Serve regular blue Jell-O along with Goldfish Crackers as a snack.