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Festival of Pentecost

Wanda SamsonSaturday,
May 22, 2021

Jesus Loves Me

Our text can be summarized with the song "Jesus Loves Me"Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
May 9, 2021
8:30 AM

Love the Outcast

Phillip shows us what Love One Another can requireRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
May 2, 2021
8:30 AM

Thomas and David

Both King David and Thomas were men "after God's own heart"Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
April 11, 2021
8:30 AM

He is Risen! Alleluia!

Easter is for Empty PeopleRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
April 4, 2021
8:30 AM

Palm Sunday Expectations

Palm Sunday 2021Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
March 28, 2021
8:30 AM

THe Walk Week 5 - Share

What the World Needs NowRev. Shari SchwedhelmWednesday,
March 24, 2021
7:00 AM

What do you have to lose?

What do we have to lose to follow God?Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
March 21, 2021
8:30 AM

The Walk Week 4 - Give

Giving generously changes our perspective and draws us nearer to JesusRev. Shari SchwedhelmWednesday,
March 17, 2021
7:00 PM

Lost in Translation

Two central passages of our faith draw even deeper meaning in Greek.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
March 14, 2021
8:30 AM

The Walk Week 3 - Serve

Serving our neighbor draws us closer to JesusRev. Shari SchwedhelmWednesday,
March 10, 2021
7:00 PM

Change Ahead

Jesus Clears the TempleRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
March 7, 2021
8:30 AM

The Walk Week 2 - Study

When we study, we can listen for our Master's voiceRev. Shari SchwedhelmWednesday,
March 3, 2021
7:00 PM

The Road Less Traveled

Jesus calls us to be a dying churchRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
February 28, 2021
8:30 AM

The Walk Week 1 - Worship

Worship bends our hearts toward GodRev. Shari SchwedhelmWednesday,
February 24, 2021
7:00 PM

Wilderness and Flood

God promises to be with us in times of crisisRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
February 21, 2021
10:30 AM

Passing the Torch

We have been given the torch of faith to pass on to the world.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
February 14, 2021
8:30 AM

Devotions and Discernment

Jesus offers an example for a healthy prayer life.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
February 7, 2021
8:30 AM

Casting and Mending

Jesus calls the disciplesRev. Shari Lynn SchwedhelmSunday,
January 24, 2021
8:30 AM

The Calling of Samuel

God uses ordinary flawed people to help others see God at work in their lives.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
January 17, 2021
8:30 AM

Baptism of Jesus

The Heavens were "Torn Apart" at Jesus's BaptismRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
January 10, 2021
8:30 AM

Walking with Us

God is With Us!Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
January 3, 2021
8:30 AM

Mary of Nazareth

Nothing is Impossible with GodRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
December 20, 2020
8:30 AM

John the Witness

We have been sent to witness like JohnRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
December 13, 2020
8:30 AM

Emmanuel - God With Us

Message for Hanging of the Greens 2020Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
November 29, 2020
8:30 AM

Thanksgiving 2020

We are all lepersRev. Shari SchwedhelmWednesday,
November 25, 2020
7:00 PM

Talents and Time

Congregations can see themselves in each of the slaves in the parable of the talents.Rev, Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
November 15, 2020
8:30 AM

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Leading Generously Week 5 - EssenceRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
November 8, 2020
8:30 AM

Leading Generously Week 4 - Capacity

Jesus promises comfort, satisfaction, and peace in the Kingdom of God. We can provide that comfort today.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
November 1, 2020
8:30 AM

Leading Generously Week 3 - Ambition

Jesus warns against focus on images, symbols, and tradition.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
October 25, 2020
8:30 AM

Leading Generously Week 2 - Legacy

John the Baptist understood his legacy in relation to Jesus. Do we?Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
October 18, 2020
8:30 AM

Leading Generously Week 1 - Promises

God's promises are more powerful than any amount of worry!Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
October 11, 2020
8:30 AM

Relentless Controversy

Relentless ControversyRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
October 4, 2020
8:30 AM

Motives and Meaning

We can never the motives of others, especially the motives of our Savior.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
September 27, 2020
8:30 AM

God's Economy

God's grace and generosity are not fair by human standards.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
September 20, 2020
8:30 AM


How we can forgive those who have hurt usRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
September 13, 2020
8:30 AM

Gentiles and Tax Collectors

Jesus teaches us how to resolve conflictRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
September 6, 2020
8:30 AM

Not What We Want

Jesus give what we need, even when it might not be what we want.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
August 30, 2020
8:30 AM

From Springs to Rivers

Peter's confession is the rock from which our faith flows.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
August 23, 2020
8:30 AM

Crumbs from the Table

The crumbs of mercy that fall from God's table of mercy are enough to transform our lives.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
August 16, 2020
8:30 AM

Sabbath Rest

Jesus provides an example of healthy response to work and rest.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
August 9, 2020
8:30 AM

Weeds and Wheat

We are both weeds and wheat as we live our lives in Christ.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
July 19, 2020
8:30 AM

Jesus the Irrational Farmer

The Parable of the SowerRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
July 12, 2020
8:30 AM

Simon Says Don't Quit

Jesus reminds the disciples that even in hard times, they can come to him for rest.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
July 5, 2020
8:30 AM

Father's Pride and Joy

Jesus warns his disciples of the challenges they will face but also of their value in God's eyes.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
June 21, 2020
8:30 AM

Terrible Job Description

Jesus describes the challenges we will face as we answer the calling to spread the good news of salvation.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
June 14, 2020
8:30 AM

The Great Commission

It's Time to Go!Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
June 7, 2020
8:30 AM

Bishop Mass' Pentecost Sermon

Pentecost Sermon to the Nebraska SynodBishop Brian MaasSunday,
May 31, 2020
8:30 AM

Prayer While Waiting

Jesus prays for his disciples and for us during times of crisis and worry.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
May 24, 2020
8:30 AM

Not an Orphan

Jesus promises not to leave us and sends us the Holy Spirit as our AdvocateRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
May 17, 2020
8:30 AM

Jesus the Way

Jesus offers to be our mirror, to show us the world through his eyes. Our relationship with Jesus will guide us through uncharted territory.Rev, Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
May 10, 2020
8:30 AM

Jesus the Gate

Jesus calls us out of the sheepfold into the world to find green pastures and abundant life.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
May 3, 2020
8:30 AM

Road to Emmaus

Jesus meets us where we are.Rev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
April 26, 2020
8:30 AM

Perfect Timing

Right Place, Right TimeRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
April 19, 2020
8:30 AM

Easter Sunday Early Service

Do Not Be AfraidRev. Shari SchwedhelmSunday,
April 12, 2020
8:30 AM