Contemplative Walking

Contemplative Walking

This spiritual practice works best when you have no set goals.  It involves walking and taking notice of your surroundings.  It is best if you can slow yourself down.

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The Process

One of the ways we can connect with God is through nature. Contemplative walking is the spiritual practice of specifically walking and absorbing natural surroundings, the beauty in architecture and spotting the influences of God. To do this slow your pace. Do not have a set destination or time frame, free yourself from the trappings of everyday life.


Take note of plants, grasses, trees, buildings and signs. Take notice things you normally just walk by. Think about how God had a hand in all of this. This time of the year you can see the changing into fall colors. Eventually you will develop a more grateful heart.


For those of you who are not as mobile there are ways to do this virtually. Smart TVs have apps for this. Search for the word “nature”. Also check out the Nature tours on the right.