Rosie Parde

Adult Choir Director

Rosie Parde

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Rosie and her husband Les have been members of Salem Lutheran twice.  First from 1972-1977, and then again from 1982 to current date.  She began her work at Salem by working initially with the Children's Choir which later expanded to the addition of the Adult Choir.  She has also been a member of the praise teams since blended services have been a part of Salem's ministry.  Rosie taught vocal music in public schools having retired in the Spring of 2012.   Education includes degrees from Dana College and UNL in Music Education.  She has also taken various continuing education courses from the University of Northern Colorado and the Vandercook School of Music in Chicago, IL.  Rosie and Les have three grown children, all of whom now have families of their own.  The grandchildren have been blessings to both parents and grandparents.

Ministry through music is powerful.  Singing religious songs is just one of the ways that people worship.  For many, it is the message through song that their own lives are touched in very meaningful ways.  Music is such a powerful means of worship in and of itself.   Music has a way of connecting to individuals in a way that often cannot even be explained, but seems to touch the very heart of each person in very special ways.

Salem is always looking for more people who love to sing to the glory of God.  Our adult choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings.  We welcome any new members who love to sing for the glory of God.  We would love to see the choir expand with having more members.  Rehearsals are fun at the same time of being very productive.

Rosie also serves in the capacity of sharing music with the Sparks program during the school year, teaching and having the children perform music with the congregation at least once a month.